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Geometrick Games (solo development)



Team Size

Solo development


Nov. 2018 - Oct. 2019


- Designer and programmer as solo developer in Unity

- Designed core mechanic around risk vs. reward

- Created content that expands upon the shoot-and-recall mechanic in the form of different types of projectiles


tri.Attack(); is a 2D arcade game where you control a triangle trying to outlast the onslaught of enemy shapes. Use your own tri as a weapon, tossing it and recalling it back towards you to create an effective projectile that'll deal a devastating blow to the rogue polygons. Survive for as long as you can and attempt to get as high of a score as possible!

tri.Attack(); was showcased at the MassDiGI 2019 Game Challenge. The game was presented at PAX East 2019 at the Becker College booth and at the same event was featured on the Hidden Gems panel. tri.Attack(); was selected as a Student Showcase game and showcased at BostonFIG 2019.

tri.Attack(); was independently developed for me to better understand how to utilize game feel and learn game programming in Unity. After starting off with an Asteroids-like shooter, tri.Attack(); changed with the implementation of the shoot-and-recall mechanic. This was inspired from the throwable axe in Sony Santa Monica's God of War. Development of this game and persistent showcasing of it lead me to learning an immense amount of knowledge for design processes and problem solving through scripting. This game directly lead to an internship with Zapdot, who brought me in to start Project Yoyo.

tri.Attack(); was launched on October 4th, 2019 on Steam for Windows.

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