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Stabby Cats
Stabby Cats

Team Size

8 people




Aug. 2019 - May 2020


- Lead team of artists, programmers, and sound designers to best bring out the game's vision

- Created UI mock-ups, flow charts, spreadsheets, and other forms of documentations for team members to use as reference

- Designed levels to consider both the tension of close-ranged combat and freedom of movement


Stabby Cats is a 2D mutiplayer action platformer where players control a group of cats fighting against each other with knives. Only having nine lives each, each cat must use their weaponry and wall-climbing abilities to survive until the end!

Stabby Cats is a project developed by students of Becker College. The project was first created by me with the main goals being to replicate an existing game's feel and declare the project finished within two college semesters. Being both the lead, producer, and designer for most of the project was a daunting challenge, but for what we took on I believe that the team and I have accomplished what we set out for

The game's main comparison is Duck Game, a couch co-op action platformer. To differentiate ourselves, we focused on using melee weapons instead of ranged weapons used in Duck Game. From the use of melee weapons comes the tension of two players nearly at a stalemate. Because of this, wall-climbing mechanics were introduced to speed up gameplay, while also offering more verticality to our level design. Being able to throw weapons also adds range where it would otherwise lack, and also creates a risk-reward situation of either defeating another player or losing your weapon to another player. The end result is a chaotic couch co-op game that can complement a silly theme.

Stabby Cats released on Steam for free on May 20th, 2020.

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