Company: Starflight Studios


- Balanced all darts with four metrics on spreadsheets, considering how the dart will be best utilized and how far into the game the dart will be unlocked

- Mocked up new UI layout with the goal of clearing up non-required buttons and information when in-game

- Designed tutorial that taught base systems of the game quickly enough for the player to get to the main game

- Created BVT for Shooty Dart builds


Shooty Dart is a 3D dart throwing game for iOS and Android devices. Flick your dart and aim carefully throughout several different gamemodes to win some candy. Use this candy to purchase dart sets and/or parts, offering an incredible amount of unique dart combinations that the player can use at all times.

Starflight Studios is a student-ran group and their work spans during the free time they have outside of college. Shooty Dart was one of the group's first projects, and I joined the project about midway into development. Our primary goal was to differentiate this dart game from others, which was done through differentiating darts enough that strengths and weaknesses between each dart were vastly different. Giving darts more personality was the other way of accomplishing this, which already fit well with the project's art themes.

The project has ceased development, with it's beta release available on the Android Store. The project was showcased at the 2019 MassDiGI Game Challenge and ended up being a finalist in the competition.

Team Size: 5 members

Duration: Jan. 2019 - May 2019

Screenshot_20191203-124405_Shooty Dart.j
Screenshot_20191203-124628_Shooty Dart.j

Link: Android