Company: MassDiGI

Link: iOS | Android

Team Size: 8 members

Duration: January 2018 - May 2018


- Designed new gameplay content with the goal of creating more variety in projectiles

- Designed and tested projectile spawn rates between waves, considering scaling difficulty and retention

- Performed playtesting on development builds to point out design flaws and figure out how to create better retention


Raise the Bass is a 2D arcade game with EDM-themed visuals for iOS and Android. The player controls Tyley, an aspiring DJ who wants to put herself on the map with an amazing first concert. Tyley runs on a turntable that has stereos around it, which Tyley uses to block red sound waves and receive green sound waves to gain more stereos. When Tyley gets enough stereos, she rises up towards the next wave of projectiles.

This project was started from MassDiGI's 2017 Summer Internship Program. I joined the project with MassDiGI's Live Studio program in collaboration with Becker College. This is my first project that I was a part of that released a product with my name in the credits. Prior to my inclusion, the game had a lack of implemented content and desperately needed it. Power-up projectiles were added, the two most successful being a shield projectile that allows the player to be hit one extra time and a slowdown projectile that halves the speed of all projectiles temporarily. There were also new types of projectile movement brought in, with a stop-and-go projectile making it into the final game.

Raise the Bass was released on Android and iOS in May 2018.