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Merge Critters
Merge Critters




iOS | Android

Team Size

5 members


January 2020 - May 2020


- Altered enemy and critter systems in an effort to prevent all content being unlocked in a limited amount of time and improve D1 retention

- Documented future plans for prestige and offline rewards systems to allow more gameplay out of the same amount of content and improve D7 retention

- Documented various other systems that were not yet written down to ease the on-boarding process and help team members work more independently


Merge Critters is a 2D idle mobile game where the player controls an army of cute critters fighting off against a demonic invasion. Combine matching critters to grant more powerful critters for battle!

The project was started in MassDiGI's Summer Internship Program in 2019, where I am currently a part of the team for my last semester at Becker College (January - May 2020).

One of the largest issues with the game upon me joining was the lack of a dedicated designer prior, which resulted in inconsistent progression systems for all aspects of gameplay. We wanted gameplay to last several hours and at the current state, the player could complete the entire game in around five hours. Using spreadsheets, my role was dedicated to creating new curves for progression systems such as offline rewards, critter purchase amounts, enemy health and more in order to extend gameplay time without needing to add content. I had also laid out a prestige system, seen in other idle games, where the player could restart progress while having quicker progress in the beginning to further extend playtime.

Merge Critters launched in November 2019 and has been updated in April 2020.

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