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Inner Demon
Inner Demon



Team Size

7 people


Aug. 2019 - Dec. 2019


- Designed alterations of the game's core gameplay to  be consistent with the game's theme

- Concepted, whiteboxed, and implemented new levels following changes in gameplay

- Worked with art team to figure out what assets would be required for level implementation

- Documented the game's level design pillars and practices for future teams to make onboarding easier


Inner Demon is a 2.5D action platformer where the player controls a boy with a unique power to transform themselves into a demon. Using the boy's agility and the demon's offensive capabilities, the player must navigate and fight their way through a city in order to get to safety.

Inner Demon was a project created within MassDiGI for students to submit to game competitions. Throughout this project I was able to get a great amount of level design experience. The first task was to redesign the core gameplay, as before it was a mix of time-trial platforming and sporadic combat. When the game was altered by taking away the player's ability to freely switch forms while in a rift (represented by purple-hued auras), more possibilities were opened up for level design. We then decided to break levels up into segments that could be put into any order, and we used breakable walls that can only be destroyed by the demon form to separate most of these segments. This gave us an experience that was linear enough for us to rapidly create interesting levels with the limited amount of resources we had in our gameplay.

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