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Team Size

Solo development


Dec. 2019 - Present


- Designing and programming as a solo developer in Unity

- Developing gameplay to offer stress-free experience using patience as a design pillar

- Using color as a metaphor in narrative and as a positive feedback loop in progression of gameplay

- Creating level objects to expand upon wall-cling mechanic


Grayland is a 2D puzzle platformer that offers a stress-free experience with gameplay that values patience for the player. You play as a colorless blob in a colorless world and using your ability to stick to walls, you must bring back color to the world.

Grayland was showcased at the 2020 MassDiGI Game Challenge, where it was a College & University Category winner, and was showcased at PAX East 2020 in the Boston Video Games booth.

Grayland is a reflection of impostor syndrome, sharing some of my personal experiences of striving to learn game development. With my previous solo project tri.Attack();, it was hard for me to recognize my accomplishments until it was released. I was able to fully look back at all the progress I made as a developer and be proud of myself, and the goal of Grayland is to share that experience. That experience would be shared through the use of color as a metaphor for self-reflection and as a positive feedback loop, and a story that focuses on the character's struggles with self-esteem.

Grayland's design is focused on preventing player stress as much as possible. This is done through mechanics that don't force the player into a decision and allows them as much time as needed to move forward. The player's wall-sticking reflects this due to there being no systems forcing the player off the wall beyond their own inputs. Levels are designed to never place the player in a situation where reaction time becomes a solution. As a result, there is never danger until an action is committed. 

Grayland is currently in development, with a release date to be announced in the future.

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