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Game of Thrones: Conquest
Game of Thrones: Conquest


Warner Bros. Games Boston


WebsiteiOS | Android



Technical Design Intern

Team Size

6-7 people within tech design


March 2021 - Dec. 2021 (9 month contract)


- Fixed bugs that would hold back or harm progress for design team
- Created additional features and implementing new variables for design team to iterate with
- Revamped existing tools for greater proficiency and utility
- Developed customizable file-opening tool as a Unity executable for convenience of studio



Games of Thrones: Conquest is a 4x strategy game for mobile devices. You take power as the Lord of Westeros, with the goal of claiming The Iron Throne. Gather resources, build your army, grow your city, and more to achieve your goals.

I became a part of the WB Games Boston team at the beginning of March 2021, with the internship set to end at the beginning of December 2021.

Before I have worked on a great amount of projects, but never had I had to grasp one with such a large team, project, amount of data, and more. Being a member of the technical design team, where we created tools for our design team to implement new content, gave me the ability to learn and contribute in a setting with less immediate pressure. I've been able to manage large codebases where I would make fixes to tools, restructure entire tools, and even create tools on my own for the convenience of the design team and even more people.

Because of this internship I've been able to learn much more about working on a large project, improved on current and new skills, and learned about both collaborative and independent work processes. Being on this project and with this studio has given me so much valuable knowledge that I know will be great for the next team and project that I join.

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