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Blame the Controller
Blame the Controller


Team Size 

Solo development


24 hours, June 29th - June 30th, 2019


Blame the Controller is a 2D infinite-runner platformer where the only person you can blame is yourself. Try and get the highest score possible by jumping between platforms with increasing difficulty, but with a twist. Every ten seconds, the controls of your movement will change. Try to adjust to the new changes without messing up!

This project was made as part of a 24-hour game jam, ran by interns of the Summer Internship Program at MassDiGI. The idea of this game was around in my head for a while and it was perfect for a game jam project. It also allowed me to learn a lot of how to properly scope a game in such a limited amount of time, although thankfully I was able to get everything implemented that I had initially hoped on.

Blame the Controller was designed to make you panic, but as I tested it I knew it needed to be more lenient. The game was meant to have chosen a random letter key for all inputs, but for left and right movement this would have been confusing due to left and right inputs potentially being on opposite sides of the keyboard. Instead, the game chooses the left movement input from the left 13 keys on the keyboard, and the right movement input is picked from the right 13 keys on the keyboard. After this, the jump input is chosen from any of the remaining keys. This hidden design kept the feel of panic I intended while not being outright unfair to the player.

Blame the Controller can be downloaded for free on

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