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Hello! I'm Demmy Mangusso and I'm a game designer from New York who is currently living in the Greater Seattle area in Washington. I strive to create games with emotional connections with players while also introducing new, fun, and unique experiences.

I've been involved with game development since 2016. I graduated at Becker College with a B.A. in Game Design in 2020. I had also volunteered for the IGDA Becker Chapter as their Treasurer.

My recent work includes working as Game Designer at GameFam on Sonic Speed Simulator, a Level Designer at The Deep End Games on Romancelvania, and as a Technical Design Intern at WB Games Boston on Game of Thrones: Conquest. Previously, I have worked as a Game Design Intern at Zapdot and MassDiGI. I also do independent game development, releasing the 2D arcade game tri.Attack(); on Steam in 2019 and am currently developing a 2D puzzle platformer named Grayland.

demmy real.jpeg
Pronouns: She/They
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